Integral Permaculture Design Certificate in Tenerife


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On the beautiful site of Manantial de Tara, an ecological farm and permaculture project / retreat center.

It's located in Arafo, on the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands - Spanish territory in North Africa.

To get there, you will need to fly to either of the Tenerife airports, Tenerife North or Tenerife South - or if you prefer to come by boat, there are also two ports in the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Cristianos.

You can find more information about how to arrive here.


We will be having 2 theory classes per day, plus practical farm work, design work and discussions, and some days of visiting other projects (all of which amounts to far more training time than the standard 72-hour PDC) with some flexibility on the times to attend to each person and the group's needs.

You will be provided with food and accommodation on site, on the beautiful wooden cabins and yurts on site, with 3 meals a day (except for the first and last day) plus snacks and refreshments, access to a simple outdoor kitchen if you need to prepare anything else for yourself, and the beautiful compost toilets and outdoor showers available on site.

There will also be an optional QiGong session every morning, to help us wake up, move our energy and prepare for the day.


The course will be taught and facilitated by one the most experienced teachers in the Integral Permaculture Academy:

Jose Zamora

Jose is another one of the jewels of creativity, intelligence, passion for justice and integral design + many other talents that joined us in 2010 & enthusiastically participated in working on most of the innovations in permaculture education created by the Academy team, which you can now enjoy. And he did this whilst very skillfully & patiently managing most of the administration & IT support for the team.

Jose was 18 when he started studying integral permaculture with the Integral Permaculture Academy, and at 19 he became the youngest investor & founder member of the 8thLife Ecovillage. In the eco-village he was mainly in charge of designing & maintaining the animal systems because he is passionate about regenerating the soil & landscape (and producing abundance for all forms of Life) through integrating all kinds of animals (sheep, chickens, guineapigs, fish, bees...) into the ecosystem.


What makes this course so special is that:

  1. We will be going beyond traditional Permaculture, taking an Integral perspective to cover a wider range of fields required for truly sustainable design - like personal development and group facilitation, finances and project planning, plus a heavy focus on the science of sustainability, general principles and design techniques, so you can apply what you learn here anywhere else in the world, and in your own projects, making this course suitable for both novices to the world of Permaculture and already experienced PC designers.
  2. It will be held in an already established sustainability education project that was designed with Permaculture principles and has been running for 10 years.
  3. You will be staying in the Canary Islands, a sub-tropical paradise in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, where you can enjoy warm and sunny weather even in the middle of winter, and if your home is in Europe or the US, you'll be able to come back ready to develop your own projects and grow your own food in time for the beginning of the spring.
  4. The contents of the course will be recorded, so you can review them again later on, and you will also have access to free long-term mentoring and support with your designs, so you can continue digging deeper in your training and apply it back home - which is quite unique for a PDC.